Saturday, May 4, 2013

You are now officially 2 years old, my sweet Madeline!

Dear Madeline,

You turned 2 years old on May 1, 2013 my sweet girl, and your daddy & I were so happy you were finally with us to celebrate this wonderful milestone. Here are a few things we'd like for  you to know about your little self after only being with us for 6 months.

At 2 years old you have continued to blossom in more beautiful ways that we can count. You have attached very strongly to mama & daddy and have even started to cry out for "daddy" whenever we have to run errands without him.

You also adore your Pake & Beppa, and get so excited every time they come to visit you or when we take you over to visit them. You also love your abuelita and abuelito but for some reason, you tend to be a little more naughty with your abuelita.....maybe because it's hard for her to tell you "no".

Speaking of "no"'s your favorite little word lately, as you have discovered just how powerful that little word can be. But you are still a sweet little girl who is quickly learning to save that little word for when it's really needed. You do not like to disappoint, and have started to show giddiness or even embarrassment when you either hear nice compliments about you, or we ask you to sing a song.

You love to hold hands, with us, your grandparents, and sometimes your favorite little playmates.

You have a strong willed personality, confident in what you want, and very wise for your very young age. You are starting to put two words and sometimes 3 words together to communicate with us. Just the other day you tapped me on my lap and said "mama, Lila bone", to tell me you wanted to give our dog Dalila a doggie bone to much on.

You continue to show great appreciation for music and dance, as you love holding a fake microphone to your mouth to sing, or dance away when you see dancing on t.v.

You always show a great desire to learn new things everyday. Your latest thing is asking for a pencil and saying "Mamalin" indicating you want to write your name Madeline on a piece of paper. You are the cutest when you start to sound out all the letters as mama holds your pencil to the paper. And if others are around, you are not shy to point at them and ask to write down their names on the paper too and then you will start to point at the names and then at the people to indicate their match.

You recently had your ears pierced ( per your request, as you would say "mama" and then point to my earings and then to your earlobes. You did the same when you wanted your toe nails painted. You love showing off your little painted toes.

You also seem to love fashion at your little age, always wanting to carry a purse, change your shoes, go through your little rack in your closet, and love putting on your plastic jewelry and sunglasses.

You are still being pretty good about going potty in the toilet and not in your pull up ( although sometimes you get a little distracted when there are visitors and you forget to tell me. But it has been months since I've even changed poopie diaper, so for that, Mama is very happy!

Although you seem to get along quite well with kids who are over 4 years old, for some reason, I still have to watch you very closely if you are ever around little ones. Whenever there is a baby or a 1 or 2 year old, you tend to get a little aggressive and charge towards them to try to pinch them, smack them, or pull on their clothes. Of course, I will always try to get to you before you get to them, but sometimes you are much quicker and have made a few little ones cry. Then mama will usually have to apologize to other mommies and then try to tell you not to hit your little friends. I'm not sure about how you spent your first 18 months of life, but I am assuming you may have had to fend for yourself many times and had to learn a few little survival skills on your own, weather it was snatching the few little toys available, or perhaps even food.

Although we celebrated a little bit with you on your Birthday a few days ago, we are looking forward to your birthday party set for this Sunday. We can't wait to see your little face as you enjoy all the fun at the museum with your little friends, and watch your face light up when we all sing "Hap Bee Bee Day" as you like saying.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet little doll! You are a blessing in our lives.

Mama & Daddy