Monday, October 19, 2009

Upcoming Fundraiser!

Our Parish is having it's annual fall festival this coming weekend & we're so excited to be having a small fundraising booth for our adoption travel & orphanage donation. This is the banner that Kris designed & it will hang on the front of our table. ( I thought it was cleaver of him to place 9 butterflies & 11 ladybugs on it for our LID ). I love it so much & the best part.....I got one of our vendors to sponsor the printing for us. Thank You Linda over at TransportGraphics in Riverside. So....since we've never done our own booth, we don't really have a clue of what to expect. But, it's strictly a fundraising booth, so we've decided to have some fun with it & just see how it goes. There's a small donation we've got to give to our Parish, but we get to keep any of the proceeds from the weekend. We'll be selling our popular Ladybug Rocks, as well as some custom embroidered Totes, and some really amazing photo prints that were generously donated by a couple of local photographers Ryan Beck & Ron Boyd ( & even from my very own amateur photog but talented husband ). Some prints will feature either inspirational quotes or biblical verses, and they will be available as 5x7's, 8x10's and possibly some larger sizes too at great prices. It's all kind of happening pretty fast, so we're doing our best to juggle our day jobs along with getting prepared for this coming weekend. I'll be posting some samples soon & maybe upload them to our Etsy store for anyone who's not local and would like to purchase some. They'll make great Christmas gifts & at the same time go towards a great cause.

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