Friday, November 20, 2009

It was Halloween......& I wanted it to be "All about Me"

I sometimes wonder what it's like to be somebody else for one day. And what better day to experiment with this than on Halloween! Especially if there's a parade to go to. Even if it's at the local elementary where my niece & nephew go. I've been attending for about 6 years now. I know....very sad. Or Very Fun! This year, I woke up late, having only about 10 minutes to make it to the parade. So I quickly had to throw on a wig, put on some heavy lip gloss around my lips, grab as many babies I could find around the house, put on some sweats & flip flops, and whala! I was Octomom!

I was surprised people actually recognized who I was (trying) to be. I kept hearing "Nadya" "Nadya". My husband felt sorry for me.

My "Ninja" nephew was embarrassed for me.

But I secretly savored the attention. After the parade, I insisted I be taken out to breakfast. I pretended I was being followed by Paparazzi, as we drove past cars who were quick to point fingers and giggle as they took one look at me. I was ready for my own reality show, and interviews with Barbara Walters!

But once I got home, my husband gave me my own reality check. He said "those lips & that hair scare me. Please take that #@%! off.

The End.

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