Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1 year + 3 months...

Our daughter is 1 year old plus 3 months today. 

I've yet to meet her in person.....but I miss her....and I Love her so much already.

And I may only be a Mom to her in my heart from a distance for now, but I never miss an opportunity to share with others just how much I love having this title. Even if it means wearing a locket with her cute little chubby face. 

Her Baba got this for me soon after our referral from one of my favorite collectibles store Brighton

Adoption Process Status: 

Still waiting on USCIS approval on our I800A form.......was told that maybe we'll receive it this week. 

Then we will need to file our I800, I864w, and DS230 forms with USCIS. 

Then we can apply for our Chinese Visas and get closer to travel. We were hoping it would be in early September, but we are still not sure how long the other applications will take to process by USCIS. Although it is still a possibility it can happen in late September......we'll see. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marsi,

I am in prayer with you, honey.I wanted to let you know that, I know you are a MOM already, you were when you started the adoption process, being a mom is a gift from above and you have earned that title, God has given you and Kris the greatest gift of all! To be the parents of this precious baby girl. MADI Jesus loves you!
With lots of love, Sylvia