Thursday, November 1, 2012

Travel Dates!

On Monday we received our TA ( travel approval ) & the following morning we received confirmation of our Consulate Appointment scheduled for Monday Dec. 3, 2012 at 8:30 am in Guangzhou, China, which means our Travel Dates will be from November 22nd to December 4, 2012

So while everyone's having a late night snack from their Thanksgiving dinner, we'll be boarding a plane. 

It doesn't seem soon enough, and I'm personally still pretty angry that our daughter has had to wait at the orphanage almost 6 months after we received her referral because of additional bureaucracy ( but I will save that for a future post ) so today we can celebrate this milestone in our journey. 

Today, we are happy that we finally, FINALLY have our travel dates and we can officially count down the days on our calendar until we can meet her & hold her. 

To all our fellow prayer warriors: please pray that her care takers are preparing her as much as they can, even if that just means showing her our photos and referring to us as "Mama" and "Baba". She is turning 1 year and a half today, and most likely she understands language and may be able to speak a few Chinese, oh goodness!  

We know just a few words like: 

"Wo ai ni"( "I love you )
 " Nie le ma?" ( you hungry? )
 "Ni yao wan ma?" ( you want to play?)
 "Ni shi piaoliang" ( you are beautiful )

....and just for a bonus, we are also going to practice asking if she wants candy ( Tangguo ma? )

Yes, we know it might be considered bribery from your point of view, but from ours we are thinking this might come in handy ;)

& here is "Baba" booking our tickets. We'll be flying China Southern from LAX directly to Guangzhou, China ( 15.5 hrs ), then to Nangchang, Jiangxi ( 1.5 hrs ), back to Guangzhou, then direct to LAX. So, since there are direct flights out of Guangzhou now, we won't need to take a train or private van to Hong Kong, saving us some time & money. 

Also, since we were able to get such a great price on tickets ( $912 each ), we ended up purchasing 3 round trip seats, the extra one there will give us the extra room so that a stranger doesn't have to be squeezed in with us & on the way back the seat will be for Madeline so she doesn't have to sit on our lap the entire trip. Not that we wouldn't love holding her, but she might not be digging us all that much still and she might want her own space to kick up her little feet or what not. 

We'll be happy to share the rest of our in country itinerary as soon as it develops during the week. But so far, and most importantly, it looks like we will be meeting our daughter on Sunday November 25, 2012, which is famously known as Gotcha Day!

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Carrie said...

HURRAY!! I'm so excited for you!!