Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Joy!

We spent our first Christmas morning as a family at home celebrating with a simple breakfast and watching Christmas Music performances on the television. Madeline was just as happy as can be, lounging with her daddy on his favorite chair, then dancing and babbling away. I just love to watch her develop trust and love towards her daddy.....what a difference a month has made. 
She has brought us so much Joy! 

Later in the day we drove over to Beppe and Pake's house ( grandparents in Dutch ). She was fully asleep when we arrived, so we just left her in her carseat & brought her inside. She must have slept for about 2.5 hours, which meant all the adults ate & cleaned up & then once she woke up she was a happy girl, ready to eat & open up her first Christmas presents from the grand folks. She received lots of new clothes, and her very first play kitchen. Then she kept us all entertained with her little plush elephant she received from our friends on Christmas Eve, which wiggles its ears & plays a song. She absolutely Loves this little elephant. We will post a video of it to our youtube account ( under the name of marsigirl ). 

Here's a few other photos of her today. We had breakfast at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants in the next town nearby. We had our usual Chile Verde Omelette with fresh tortillas & Madeline had some pancakes with strawberry jelly....her very favorite. It was so cute watching her eat as she wiggled her head from side to side to the beat of the Christmas Songs playing in Spanish. 

Then we stopped at her Abuelita's  ( grandmas ) house that's nearby to visit the neighborhood kids, where she played some ball with some of them. She loves chasing after kitties. When we came home we let Dalila our dog out in the front yard, which Madeline is also starting to get to know. She loves to call out for her "Lila", but she has to have her daddy help her to pet Lila and keep her secure. 

It's been 1 month that we've had her. 

And it's amazing how much she's bonded with us. 

Our lives are richer and our our hearts just full of Love for her, that is for sure!

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