Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 Kings Day!

We Love having this little kitten around.....

She's been a lot of fun lately. 

Got this cute little corduroy dress at Gymboree the other day & I couldn't pass it up for under $10 for three pieces. Too bad the sleeves are rolled up in this photo, but it's got cute little bows at the edges & ruching along the sides, and a peter pan collar. Very cute!

And today we took her to mass once again. It was El Dia de los 3 Reyes ( 3 Kings Day ) celebrated by Catholics or Christians in general. She did so-so, enjoying the music and watching people, but then she wanted down and walk on the side isle to look through the big side windows. She kept quiet for the most part, except when I made the mistake of taking out her favorite little animal book and wanted me to read it.....out loud! Here's a video clip of her Abuelita "trying" to read her the same book on the way to mass...pretty funny!

"No Madi, I'd tell her, we need to be "sh sh". She would then mimmick me doing the "sh sh"with her little finger then pointed to the book and make a sort of grunting noise, like to tell me "read it". 

She then spotted her little friends Sydney & Raegan, and wanted nothing to do with her mama anymore, just hold their hands and wonder off. Good think that Mass was over by this time. We were able to hold her off for a few minutes to snap these photos, after she blew kisses to baby Jesus. 

She really wanted to get closer to the nativity display but Mama didn't think that was a good idea. Knowing Madi, she would most likely want to pick up baby Jesus to take him with her or try putting it in her backpack. 

We then took the kids for some donuts and juice ( sugar.....oh, it's the happy drug for kids ). She had a blast learning how to "Ring around the Rosy", and playing in the little play kitchen in one of the rooms. 


Anonymous said...

Updates please!! Love following your story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, are things going well? Have things fallen apart? PLEASE update! I guess if you aren't updating you aren't reading comments either. Truly hope all is going well, you are a nice family.