Monday, April 21, 2008

"Cookie Lee Jewelry" Fundraiser

I couldn't pass up this pretty cross so I bought it for myself (at my own show).

I also loved these earings ( they look much better in person ) price: only $12. 

I'm posting a  few pictures from our first fundraiser event with "Cookie Lee Jewelry". Our friend & industry partner Amy Karp from MasterPlan Creative, recently started booking jewelry shows for corporate and private clients, so I recently hosted a show and opted to earn 15% of the total sales for our adoption fund in liu of free jewelry. Surprisingly, we had a really good turnout & the girls seemed to enjoy their shopping experience as well as the tacos & margaritas. I've never attended one of these shows & I was really impressed with the jewelry especially the prices. I think the highest ticket item was about $38.  For those who were able to attend the show: A Huge Thank You for your Support! I hope you're enjoying your new jewelry. And for those who weren't able to attend but are still interested in either a catalog or even booking your own show you can still contact  Amy  & she'll be happy to take care of you. I will also be hosting another show again in my home since it was so much fun, so you are welcome to come over. I'll be posting a new date & time soon.  

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