Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will Sew for Travel.....

For those of you who may not know yet, I Sew for Travel......to China that is. I started sewing again a few years ago when my hubby bought me a new sewing machine ( my third one in 20years ). He got tired of hearing me whine about all the trouble I kept having with the last one. So anyways, I had started making a few clothes for myself here and there, as well as a few gifts in addition to doing some freebie alterations mostly for family and friends. In the winter of 2007 ( as we entered our second year of waiting ) I decided I'd sew some special blankets for our China travel group ( I believe there were 7 or 8 families in our group at the time ). I found this adorable embroidered ladybug flannel & I edged it with some red satin. I had so much fun doing this that my hubby quickly suggested I should just start a little side venture to make a few extra bucks for our travel. And so.....MK Little was born. Since then I've been busy sewing mostly baby blankets & a few other little novelty items. I've been pretty bad at marketing myself though( even with these incredible new virtual avenues ). But for the most part, I only sew whenever I have some extra windows of time ( usually very late at night while watching my tivo'd reality episodes ). This past weekend I had a custom request for a set of newborn twins. I usually don't like to take in any custom orders unless I know for sure I've got extra time, but this past weekend I managed to get it done no problem. So I sewed away & made these absolutely adorable matching nap sets to go with detachable/velcro handles. As always, I fell in love with these little items & had the hardest time parting with them. I truly enjoy sewing them, & it's always hard to let them go. I know.....so silly. But I hope these little nap sets will be enjoyed by these new little twins. Here's some pics.

I had purchased this vintage bike fabric by designer Heather Ross over a year ago & I finally got to cut into it. I paired it up with some pink striped flannel as well as pink solid cotton, and then made the straps with a hotter pink cotton.

I sewed in some velcro on the bottom of the straps.

Then I finished the edge of the blanket with my signature hot pink floral embroidery.

Here's the basket prior to wrapping, ( minus the little frog...cuz it's Madi's ). I also made some cute little patches for these onesies with the left over fabric swatches.
Here's the tote bag I also included in the basket. My hubby created the artwork & then it was embroidered in a hot pink actually. I still have a few dozen of these I can custom embroider & I've listed them on my etsy site along with a few other items I still have in stock.


Michelle said...

I love that fabric!

Hi. My name is Michelle and wy husband and I are adopting our first child from China. Our LID is Oct. 2006, so we're a little bit behind you. I just found your blog and noticed you were from So. CA We are too!((Orange County) I look forward to following your journey!

Michelle said...

Of course I meant "my". Not "wy".

Typos. Sigh. :)

XUE said...

I am really curious which model machine you have.