Thursday, July 9, 2009

A little Cherry-Sundress for Madi

Since our adoption process has been a little depressing lately, I needed something to get me through this summer as we are facing yet another re-do on our homestudy report: physicals, visas, finances, yuck! So I've decided to sew away my worries. Here's a little sundress I sewed the other may be perfect for our little Madi someday.

I thought this cherry fabric was just too sweet to pass up. It brings me back to the 70's when I was just a little girl myself, running through the sprinklers wearing my favorite little smocked dress. I just learned how to sew with elastic thread & to say that I love sewing with it is an understatement. I am honestly hooked on this thread. So, ever since my discovery of this magical thread I've been sewing several of these smocked dresses in the middle of the night. My hubby's up late anyways....but the beagle & the kitten think I'm nuts. Actually, Bo just likes to stare at me, and the kitten loves to be mischievous and likes to play with my spools of thread. I've made a few of these dresses for my niece, a few for my little friends, and several for myself. I will have to post some pics soon. But I am planning on adding a few of the little versions for MKLiTTLE soon.

Here's another close up of this cherry print fabric on cotton.

A few pics of our backyard jungle. I love this tree! It's a very messy ( Jacaranda ), but I still love it.

Our pretty in pink. We've had this bougainvillea for years....I think I got it while we were dating...which was forever ago. I had it in a container while I lived at my parents, then we transplanted it a couple of times. It's kinda thorny, but very resilient.

And here's my daily sunshine... niece & god-daughter Ivi. I love this kid! She's out of school for the summer & so we both spent the night at grandma's ( my mamma ) one day, so we stood up really 2:30 am. She insisted on learning how to sew with this ( very addictive ) thread, and she was hooked! At 10, she can already thread the machine, sew pretty straight, iron hems. I love this kid! Did I say this already? Here she is helping out with Madi's little dress, in her ladybug jammies.

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