Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sew cute!

Here's a little boy's shirt I was just itching to make for a friend's grandson. It's sew cute isn't it?

It all started with this shirt, which belonged to a friend's son.......who has a 2 year old little guy of his own. I had grabbed this shirt from a pile of clothes that my friend tried to get rid of at a yard sale. It was still in great shape, being only worn a few times, and it just seemed like a pitty that she was only selling it for a buck.

So I told her I would rescue it & re-construct a little shirt for her grandson. It was the perfect excuse to use my favorite book by Heather Ross called Weekend Sewing, which included a pattern to this adorable little shirt.

It's a super easy pattern that anyone with elementary sewing skills can do.

I was even able to re-use the original buttons & even the original pocket, of which I only had to resize just a bit.

Overall, the little shirt was a great success! Even Bo agreed.

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