Friday, July 2, 2010

A sad farewell, to another furry companion.

Ever since we adopted "Bo" almost 2 years ago, he had a tendency to want to run away any chance he would get. In fact, on the very first day we got him, he bolted across the street. At first we thought it was because he missed his original family, but soon we learned that this particular breed tends to experience severe anxiety, always needing to be around people. For that reason we decided he would mostly be an inside dog, allowing him to hang out by our side as we worked from home. In the beginning we had to take "Bo" almost everywhere, to the outdoor mall, to friends house, on trips, etc. But as "Bo" started to look like he was learning to chill out a little, we started letting him hang out in the back yard with our other dog "Dalila". Until he started jumping over our 6 foot fence. When this happened we always had to go out to look for him, for the fear of him going into a busy street. Sometimes we would find him in a few minutes, sometimes it was hours, but we always found him. One time, we had crated him inside a metal crate ( for what we thought would be a few hours ) as we went 3 blocks to our Niece's party. It wasn't maybe half hour before "Bo" managed to chew open the metal crate, squeeze his bulging little belly out, jump our 6 foot fence, and sniff his way to where we were. So after we realized that the create was not going to be an option any longer, we started tying him up in the backyard next to his little house whenever we had to leave for a few hours, then let him come inside to sleep once we got back in. But in the last few months, we were starting to let "Bo" hang out in the back yard for a few hours so he could play with our other dog & many times he would manage to stay back there until it was time for him to come inside to sleep. But every so often, something would trigger him to go into panic mode and make him want to jump our fence again to run away. Usually it was either the sound of a nearby mower or blower, but lately it was a fire-cracker, and this week alone, "Bo" had managed to bolt about 4 times because of this very same reason. We had finally added about 2 feet of plywood on one side of our fence door, and were planning the same for the other side door. But is too late.

"Bo" had escaped last night around 8pm. He was out there maybe 15 minutes before he bolted over our fence. My hubby searched for him for about three hours on the scooter. Then around 2 am when we were about to go to bed we both decided to go for another drive around our neighborhood. "Bo" loved going to Ivi's (our niece) house which was a few blocks away. Several times she would call us to say he was there. But this time, we're not sure if he even stopped there. We have no idea where he spent the night, or when he headed out to the busy street. This morning before we left to a friends funeral, the hubby went out for another drive to see if he had any luck, but there were no traces of him. By the time we returned around 4pm, there was already a message on our phone, as well as a green notice from the local animal shelter. All we had left to remember "Bo" was his brown leather leash, and his silver chain with his "bone shaped" id.

It was a sad day indeed. We loved "Bo", and we will miss him greatly. Here's just a few things that "Bo" loved to do, which we'll always remember.

He loved going to "grandmas house", where there was a much larger yard for him to run around and play football with the kids.

He loved going to the dog park to play with his furry friends.

He loved, loved, loved, his stinky bed ( which we recently just absolutely needed to replace ).

He loved to eat. What dog doesn't?

He loved going on trips. ( he went with us numerous times to Arizona, & twice to Mexico).

He loved kids...........& kids loved "Bo".

We'll miss you!

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