Saturday, September 11, 2010

4 years.................

Today is September 11, 2010. And while we (and the rest of the world) are reminded about that terrible tragedy that occurred in NYC 9 years ago, we are also reminded of how long we have waited to hear news from China. Since our dossier was logged in back in 09/11/06 we have waited.....and waited.....and waited. We have no words......just Hope.

The last time our Adoption agency called us, they informed us that China had actually processed 2 weeks worth of referrals in the last month. What this means is that for some reason or another, China processed a heck of a lot more files then it has been the last couple of years ( the average has been about 2 days worth or so per month ). In any case, it seems they are in May of 2006 and the only thing we hope for is that they continue their speed and process the rest of the files as quickly as possible so they can finally get to us. I wish I had a timeframe I can give to family & friends who continue to ask, but the truth is I just can't predict the future. This long wait has taught us to let go of any expectations, and to have trust in what God has planned for our future. It's not easy to do by any means. But during our times of frustration and uncertainty, we rely on our closest friends and family for support.....and this alone is worth this experience.

In the meantime, her room still awaits her. It may not always be as tidy as it is in this picture ( as I often use it for crafting & don't always pick up my stuff ), but it's still there along with little stuffed animals, cozy blankets, books, and clothes.


The Killackey Family said...

Karen and I hope that the process moves along speedily for you and know that once Madi is home with you it will feel like she was there with you forever.

Danielle said...

Hi Marsi,

I received your comment on my blog. I was not sure how to respond to the comment directly so I came to your blog. Time has not allowed me to communicate with each person that commented on my blog but I knew I could not wait to respond to you!

We did say were open to twins when we first applied but we NEVER thought it would happen. I agree with your agency, you should definitely be open to twins! The main thing to take into consideration is the immediate cost. You will have to pay the orphanage fee x 2 and China charges an extra fee of $765, plus there will be some other lesser charges while in country, like different processing fees. The thing that balances that out is the tax credit of $13K per baby. I know the tax credit is still good for adoptions completed this year, I am not sure about next year. You might want to call your tax preparer to check into it.

We have been so ready to drop out of the adoption process for months but now we are glad we hung on! You are almost to the finish line too. The only question is will there be one baby to two, waiting for you! The nursery is so sweet and don't worry, one day soon it will be used for more that just crafting!