Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CCAA is now Processing July '06 files!

Yes, I know...... it's been years of waiting to adopt from China ( around 5 years in fact ). And the picture above, my friends & family, is the exact place where our file has been sitting for the past 5 years waiting to be reviewed by a few Chinese officials who will decide who our future daughter will be. When we think about this more deeply, we realize how bizarre this must look to some of our friends and family. To think that our destiny is actually being left to complete strangers half a world away who know nothing about us except what has been written about us by other strangers. Our file, otherwise known as our "Dossier", contains a paper trail of medical records, finances, personal reference letters, passports, personal photos of not only ourselves but of our home, our bedrooms, our yard. But most importantly, our Dossier contains several pages of our "HomeStudy", a sort of biographical type of report done by a certified agency which includes very personal information about our upbringing, our personality, our likes and dislikes, our extended family dynamic, our careers, our interests, our current and future goals and aspirations, and other insights like what we plan on naming our daughter, or how we plan on raising her, not just in terms of parenting styles but religious-wise. All of our documents in our Dossier by the way, have also been translated into Mandarin Chinese, so I the time each piece of information is translated, how accurate our information ends up being. Oh no.....what did we get ourselves into? Just kidding! There is no turning back for us. We are both fully vested in what has been a roller-coaster journey to meet our little "Madi". Ultimately, we trust that God will send us the perfect little girl who is meant to join us. And one day when she is older, we will share with her our story of how we waited and waited....and waited and waited....and then waited some more until we finally got to meet her.

Until is a photo of an office inside the CCAA ( Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs ). Can you believe those files you see are "Dossiers" from all over the world waiting to be reviewed and matched with babies? I wonder where ours is. It's probably covered with dust by now....but I sure wish they can get to ours soon. By the way....the CCAA is currently processing July 2006 files, and many people are now speculating that based on their average activity, they may take about 6-8 months to finish July & August, and finally get to September where our file is. Which means that it may be possible to actually receive our referral by early 2012. This may still seem far away to some people, but to us this seems unbelievably close! After 5 years of waiting, what's another 6-8 more months? So for now, it looks like we are getting back on this roller coaster ride of excitement once again. Thank You for tuning in & I hope to update this blog more often as we get closer to receiving our referral.

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