Monday, April 9, 2012

August 2006 Files Done!!

It's official! China has finished processing ALL of August 2006 LID'S! So this means that later this month ( April 2012 ) we will hear how far along they will process of September '06 files. Our LID is Sept. 11, 2006, but based on what China has done recently, we are not expecting a referral yet, cuz if we do, we will literally throw up ( of happiness of course ). The rumors & speculations are that they may do 4-5 days of LID's only, and the same amount in May, which could mean that by June this summer we should receive our news. It's finally seeming like a reality.....after so many years, we are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a lot to do in the mean time, like finish the rest of our home study paperwork so we can ask for our last approval from USCIS, although for this update, we will most likely be required to fill out a different form called the I800A, which I hear may be a bit of a headache, but our Homestudy agency has assured us it's not that bad & that we'll get through it. & at this point we'll take any positive vibes we get!

The photo above btw was taken over this Easter weekend while taking a stroll in a Long Beach neighborhood. We are happy that this will be our last Easter as a family of just us two. We were there visiting our friends who just a few weeks ago lost their mother ( & our family "Godmother" ) as we all lovingly called her. She was a kind and lovely lady who sewed & knitted so many beautiful items. Although we are saddened that our little Madeline will not get to meet her, we will hold on to many memories of her & we are also lucky to have a few blankets & sweaters she left behind for Madi ( just like this pretty lavender sweater & matching hat ).

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