Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Referred through September 4, 2006 LID's!!

It's official! China has finished sending off referrals to families with Log In Dates up to September 4, 2006! By now, families throughout the world are seeing their babies faces for the very first time. How exciting that must be for them! Just in my Sept.'06 FaceBook group page, there have been 4 babies showing up. And 2 of them are boys! Yes.....boys! What a surprise indeed, but they truly are simply adorable!
So....where does this leave us? Well according to the email we received from our adoption agency late last night, our consultant said to expect ours to show up by May or June of this year.....as in the next month or two......or as in 4-8 weeks.......or as in 30-60 days. Oh my! This is only like around the corner for us. This roller coaster is finally picking up speed after a long 6 year ride. 

Now, all I'm really curious to know is if we will get a baby girl referred to us as we have been expecting......or if we will get a boy. Oh my! I love little boys....especially if they grow up to be wonderful men like my hubby. But for so many years we have been expecting a little girl. We've got her name all picked out, her room, her clothes....yikes! 

A little bit on how this matching process from China goes.....as far as what we've been told, China tries to match us up to a child based on many factors. First of all, when reviewing our Dossier, they take many things into consideration. They look at some photos we were asked to supply of ourselves and of our home. They consider what we do for a living, our birth dates, our chinese zodiac signs, any specific physical or personality characteristics included in our file, etc. And to my knowledge, they also consider our official letter we wrote to the Chinese Officials involved in the matching process. In this letter, we expressed our desire of raising a baby girl as young as possible as our daughter. Here's a copy of that letter:  ( p.s. that line about promising not to "sell" our daughter, it sounds really bad as I'm reading it, but we were advised to do so by our agency). 

So there it is! Our file will soon be heading over to the famous "matching room", where all the magic will happen! It would make a wonderful "Mother's Day" gift for me if we hear news in May, but if we get our news in June, then it will be fantastic for my hubby, who's been really excited to finally be a dad.

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