Friday, June 29, 2012

Madi's Website is updated!

We finally got around to updating Madeline's main website where you'll be able to see more of her pics & details about her. We are planning to one day have it printed & bound into a little book for her to have as part of her life book. There is a blog button on the main website that will return you here, where we hope to continue to update while we're in China. 

Thanks for following & please feel free to sign her guestbook at any time while we wait or while we travel!

We're not exactly sure how old Madeline is on the photo we used for the "Home Page". But we're thinking she may have been around 4-5 months. If we're lucky enough to visit her orphanage once we travel, we'll have to ask to find out. But we think she's just a little doll, even though she looks a bit sad & confused.

We received a total of 3 photos only with her referral. We love them & cherish them all but one of our favorites is the one where she's sitting in the baby walker. So funny! She cracks us up with all those layers! And that smile....we're so lucky to have a photo of her when she's smiling. It's so rare to see babies smiling in referral photos. Her report did say she's a happy baby so we'll be lucky if that's really  the case. We're not exactly sure if those two bottom photos were taken at different times. She appears a bit younger in the middle shot, although she seems to be wearing the same sweat pants. We love those little "bunny" looking shoes she's got on her little feet. And check out that little toy she seems to be gripping on to. If you look closely you'll see it has a little "Hello Kitty" on the front of that toy ( which by the way, appears to be one of those traditional Chinese Peddler Drums ). We've tried searching for a similar one on the internet so we can have it for her, since we're not sure if that toy will be given to her at the orphanage when we pick her up. It might be a toy that's shared by all the other babies...not sure. It would be wonderful if we would also be able to receive those little clothes she's wearing in those photos. But most likely they might not be her own.....we'll just have to wait and see.  We have seen a lot of May & June '06 LID referral photos come through in our private FB group, with some babies sharing the same orphanage and sometimes sitting in exact chairs, but none of them are from Madi's orphanage ( she's from the CWI in Jiangxi Province - Ningdu County ). We're really hoping that while we're waiting to travel we'll get to meet families who have also recently received referrals from her orphanage or have gone there while our Madeline has been there. In fact, if someone reading this blog now has recently gone there, please contact me via a comment here. We're particularly interested in finding any additional information on her orphanage as well as knowing if she has been captured on any  photographs by visitors. Anything we can find would be priceless to have for her one day. 

For an update on our current Referral to Travel progress, please visit our " "Our Process pages". But it's looking like definitely early Fall 2012 for travel. 

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Anonymous said...

Try the yahoo groups for Ningdu: We were able to get a few pictures of our older daughter from the group blog...and pictures of both orphanages. We were able to go to the older daughters orphanage (only 3 hours each way), but not the younger daughers orphanage (8 hours away) is up to the director to decide...but you could still go and see the countryside and take pictures outside of the orphanage. Good luck!!