Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our daughter is 1 Year + 2 months....

1 of our 3 referral pictures we received in May 2012

Our sweet girl is 14months old today. And I can not help but to wonder how much she's developed already. I wonder if she's grown a few more strands of hair...or is babbling a few more Chinese words...or perhaps even walking. This particular milestone is a little bittersweet for me for obvious reasons, as her Baba & I will most likely not get the opportunity to watch her take her first steps. So when I think about this I can not help but to shed a few tears of sadness for us, but I also shed tears of Joy for her. Walking is one life's most amazing milestones. The possibilities of where we as human beings will walk through within our lifetime are endless. I know in my heart our little Madeline will walk to places far beyond what we could imagine.  
At this time she has no idea how her life is about to change in just a few short months, as she is still too little. Right now she only knows of her caretakers and of her orphanage sisters & brothers. She has no concept of the Love only a mother and a father can bring. We pray that she will attach to us and learn to trust us & receive our love so that one day she too can give all the love she can. Our plan is to send her a care package filled with a few goodies as soon as possible & hopefully she can receive it by next week. I'll post some photos of the contents in her care package as soon as it's ready to go. I'm just waiting on the letter we wrote to her orphanage director to get translated to Chinese. We have a few questions for him & for her nannies. But one of the main & most important thing in her package will be the small little album that will have our photos, so that her nannies can begin to show her & tell her all about her mama & baba. We've heard she loves picture we're hoping this can become one of her favorites. 
God, I wish we can see this.....but for now we'll just have to settle for starring at the few pictures we have of our sweet daughter's little face and just continue to wonder. 

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