Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Madi at 16 months old...

After contacting Ann from Red Thread last Friday, she was not only able to send a care package to Madi's orphanage, but she was able to get us updated photos & updated measurements. 

We are so thankful to her!

Our daughter has grown and changed quite a bit...our little "XingYao". And even though we were sad to see that the orphanage had shaved her head....we still think she looks adorable, and love her even more. 

Here's one of our favorite pics from the 8 photos we received, the rest we will treasure them for her to have in her special book. 

We were both pretty surprised to see how much she's changed.....and at first we didn't recognize her immediately, with her tanned skin, and newly shaved little head, but we know it's her from her beautiful eyes! 

I love all that baby fat on her still. She's obviously very well fed, lol! & after talking to our agency, they said that most likely she's been outside quite a bit during the summer so she's gotten pretty toasty. & she also reminded us that there is no air conditioning at her orphanage even thought it's been melting hot in her region, and that it's very common for the orphanage to shave their heads to prevent lice from spreading. 

Overall, this is really one of the only photos we received in which we can get a good glimpse of her little face. In the rest of the photos, she was either squinting from the sun, or frowning from what appeared like she had been crying, or with a large balloon-like toy that blocked her face, wearing a very wrinkled little dress and plastic little clogs. 

None of the photos showed her smiling, which was a little heartbreaking to see. But it is apparent she is living in a poor orphanage, and may not have the attention that any little child deserves. 

But right now we are grateful for the things that we can see from the photos, which is mainly that she appears to be healthy, and appears to have good balance when she is standing on her feet ( we are assuming she is walking ). She also does not show any signs of having any scratches or blisters from scabies which we've heard are quite common. 

I wanted to share this pic of me when I was around 9-10 months old. My mom thought it was cute that they had sent us a photo in a similar chair pose. 

So it's most likely that we will not be receiving any more updates or photos before we travel, which means the next time we will see her it will be in person! We can not wait to see her break a smile & show her how much we love her. And we will make sure to take LOTS of photos so we can capture that moment.

Adoption Process Update: We have hit a small bump in the road while waiting for approval on our I800 application with USCIS, but we are confident our agency will help us resolve it quickly within a day or so, & hoping we will still be able to receive our approval this week & then move on to wait for our Article 5.