Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blessings from our PreTravel to China Celebration!

A few months after our paperwork was originally Logged in with China, we joined a Marriage Enrichment Retreat over at our Parish ( in 2007 ). Soon after that we became part of the ministry helping with retreats twice per year in which ever area we were asked. 

We can not begin to express just how many blessings that being a part of this ministry has brought into our lives. It has not only helped to enrich our marriage in many ways, but it has also brought us closer to so many incredible couples that we now not only consider as close friends, but family. 

A few weeks ago, this amazing family of friends hosted a beautiful celebration for us, just look at these  
 incredible creations that our dear friend Nes made for us. 

Special Blessings were left for Madi & our friend Ryan Beck took photos of all the couples so we can put them in Madi's special book to read one day. 

We had perfect weather, ate chinese food, enjoyed hilarious games, and shared a special video of our story. The evening was beautiful and memorable!

We give all this credit to our daughter of whom we have yet to meet in person. It is because of her that we began searching for more spirituality in our lives. It was very early on that we were were lead to this amazing group of people, who have by their example, loving ways, and support, have helped us keep our patience and grow in our faith. 

We are so Thankful to all of them who were so generous with their time preparing for the event. 

And a very notable blessing worthy of mentioning is the fact that their very generous gifts amounted enough for us to purchase our airline & hotel accommodations while in China!

We can not wait to travel & bring our daughter home! 

Here's a photo slide show of the our beautiful celebration. 

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