Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Article 5! A Step Closer to you, our Sweet Child!

Dear Madeline, 

We can not wait to meet you in person & finally hold you in our arms. You already have so many people who are also saving a special space for you in their hearts. 

We have been showered with love notes & gifts for you in the last couple of weeks.....and we are so grateful.

We also just received great news last night!

The US Embassy issued our Article 5, the last document we were waiting for & it is now in the hands of the CCAA ( Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs ) who will issue us our TA ( Travel Approval ). 

This can take a few days to a few weeks, the average taking about 10 days. 

We are hoping it will happen very soon, hopefully by the end of this month so we can finally make our travel arrangements, book our flights, hotels, trains.....anything we need to do so we can finally come to you!

This has been a very long journey for us......6 years of waiting to see your little face & learn a few details about your life, then months of more government paperwork just so we can obtain permission to travel to your birth country, pick you up, and bring you to your new home, and your new life.  

But we don't regret one bit of it. And we are willing to do more for you, our sweet child.

See you soon,

Mama & Baba.


Tera said...

Not much longer now! I love her new photo at 16 mo. She is a doll!

Marsi said...

Thank You Tera!

Anonymous said...
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