Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 more days until travel!

Are you ready for a busy toddler to rock your life daddy?

Yes! This guy has been ready to be a dad for many many years now & there is no doubt in my mind he will be a great one! 

He did however cause us all a little health scare a few weeks ago, but all seems to be well again thank God! He's got one last check up on Monday and hopefully we'll be all set to go by Thanksgiving night. 

Speaking of Thanksgiving....we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws since they will be heading up to northern California while we're up in China. It was nice and tranquil, lots of comforting and delicious food, and some good laughs. 

Since we'll be leaving on a night flight, my side of the family will be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner earlier during the day & hopefully we'll be able to make some turkey sandwiches to take on our flight since we're not sure about the food they'll serve. As far as we know the airline provides one meal & we're thinking we can buy another one if we get hungry (which will be most likely since it's a 15.5 hr. flight).  BTW.....I will post our itinerary as a top button on this blog. 

Can't believe we only have 5 more days left until we travel! Still seems unreal.

All of a sudden I'm starting to feel like we've got so much to do, like clean out cupboards and cabinets, shop for last minute travel stuff, re-arrange furniture....but I'm sure this is mostly nervous energy. Once I calm myself down I remind myself that we'll be as ready as we'll ever be. Nothing is as important as going on this trip to pick up our daughter. 

Lot's of stuff going through my mind about her right now. We have yet to receive any developmental update on her since her referral ( which was 6 months ago ) and the few photos & measurements we got in September. I did get to speak to our Agency's Chinese facilitator yesterday & I urged him to please confirm that our daughter has been told about us and has at least seen our photos. I also asked for an updated status on just about still breaks my heart that we know very little about her and we can only hope to ease her transition as best as we can. 

-Which reminds me....I still have to make a new photo album for her with photos of her new surroundings including pics of our extended family pics that she can start to see while we're in China. 

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