Friday, November 9, 2012

Visas have arrived!

Our Chinese Visas just arrived today! We went through Metropolitan Express in Chicago & they took about a week and a half to process with no issues. The cost was $140 per person plus $30 each to process. 

Guess this means we are all set to go.......just counting down the days until we can board the plane! In the meantime, it's time to get packing. But actually, we have been packed for a few weeks now with the exception of those last minute items. We're both taking a rolling duffle & a carryon each, just need to weigh the rolling duffle to make sure it doesn't exceed the 44-55 pounds allowed. As for Madi's things....we really hope she'll fit into the 18-24 mth clothes we're taking her, although we are packing mostly play clothes, tunics, leggings etc., in addition to a few shoes & small toys. And as far as the diapers go...we hope we won't regret not taking a bunch of them as we've been told by other been there done that travelers to only take a few as we can always get more in China & don't need to use up our suitcase space. 

Only 13 days till take off.....seems unbelievable!


Kathy said...

I was desperate for more american diapers by the end of my trip as the china ones did not absorb like the ones we are used to here. Once when we were shopping, i had to leave the shop to walk back to the hotel to change my daughter's whole outfit that had just gotten soaked through! If anything, you will want to be sure to save the super absorbent american diapers for bus trips and plane travel! Just thought I'd happy for you!

Marsi said...

thanks for the advise Kathy! I've been debating on weather to use up suitcase space, but now i think i will make some room for some good diapers