Monday, December 10, 2012

Almost a week home!

It's been almost a week that we have been home now & Madeline is starting to slowly get acquainted with her new surroundings. Poor little kitten, she's already been living in two hotels & now her new home, so we are sure she's been a bit confused. 

This photo was taken while in China.
We Love our daughter so much!

On the second day home we took her outside for the first time & she actually reached out for daddy's arms, which was wonderful to see. 

So far, she's learned how to say "Daddy", "doggie", "Lila". She's also learned to raise her chin when we say "chin up" to wipe her. & she responds to "give mami kiss, or give daddy kiss". & she's also learned to say "Aiyayai" which I had been saying just the other night when she was screaming & crying away after either I wasn't picking her up fast enough or she was cranky trying to sleep. She's still on China time, poor little gal. 

The first couple of nights home she was still having night terrors after waking up in her pack n play in our bedroom, but last night she did amazing. She let me read her a book, and got cozy in our bed with her jammies & even let me turn off the lights while she snuggled on her pillow & went to sleep. It was so sweet & amazing to experience. I didn't bother taking her to her pack & play mostly because she's been crying so much the last couple of days & we've all been so exhausted getting over colds, sore throats & coughs that we just wanted to get some good rest. Right now, our main concern is helping her build more trust with us and help her learn that we are permanent & will not leave her. 

Here's daddy holding his little girl. Check out those matching eyebrows & hairline! She's his little girl all right!

This photo was also taken in Guangzhou, during one of our last days there. She loves wearing glasses!

Here she is again at home. She grabbed the kitty's little glasses & put them on herself to be like her Mami.
She is so funny! 

This pic was in Guangzhou too, while strolling around in the streets. It was sprinkling, but she seemed to like it, so we picked out this umbrella from one of the little shops on the island we were staying at. 

Her first ride on the car seat was not as peaceful as this photo looks. She screamed and screamed on our way to Rite Aid, stopped when we reached the store, screamed again as we drove through the McDonalds drive through for Fries & some Sundays. & right before we got home she stopped crying, reached out for some fries, then went to sleep...and we survived!  But wow, can this girl scream!

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Unknown said...

Hi Marsi,

I love getting all this news through your blog!!!!
Thank you for sharing with all of us the joy you and Kris are experiencing with little Madi!
I have sent you a couple of texts and emails as well, but have not heard from you. I completely understand though, we will catch up one day honey and I will make you guys some of my good Spaghetti!

I love you honey and many blessings!