Friday, December 14, 2012

Dr.Visit...check, Car Seat....check...Stroller....check!

Photos at the end of this post.

Madeline did great at her first Dr. Visit with Dr. Smart, didn't cry one bit. He didn't prescribe any meds despite her little cough & cold because he thought it would be best for her to fight it off on her own, and so far she seems to be doing well. She'll be going back in about 2 months for some standard bloodwork etc. Her appetite is great, there is not really anything she doesn't like. Last night we drove to grandma's house ( my mom's ) for the first time & Madeline ate a few bites of cheese enchiladas ( with her own little fork ) and some mexican rice. She actually loved her house btw. I first took her in my arms to show her each room, then she wanted down and went to find her daddy, took him by the hand and took him on his own tour as she babbled. It was so darn cute! We love how she is developing confidence & enjoying her independence.

Speaking of rides, she's been doing so well on her car seat, now pointing to it as we enter the car. & she's content with a little toy or a baby bottle filled with water which she likes to pretend to be sucking it & then giggles.

This week we've learned just how much she enjoys music. She loves to move her head & put her hands up and do a wave sort of dance ( although she hid from us behind a door to do it the first time we caught her ). She also seems to be really engaged when I sing to her at night when its time to go to sleep, although I just make up little lullabies. She's been going to bed around midnight ( which is still better than 3 or 4 am ). & each day we are making her naps earlier during the day so that she gets tired earlier. Slowly but surely she is getting used to a routine around here. We are so proud of her for how well she seems to be doing.

Daddy's been getting work done, but I can't say I've been as successful since my day lately has been consumed with feeding her, changing her, playing with her, napping her, bathing her, playing with her, changing her, sleeping her. Very very consuming....but very enjoyable I will admit. I just love watching her blossom each day. Today during her nap time, I pulled out the stroller ( which she's yet to show any interest in whatsoever ) & started pushing it around & she pointed to it so I took advantage of this opportunity to put her in it & her daddy & I took her for a stroll around our neighborhood. She seemed to like it so when we came back she was already droopy eye so I brought the stroller near my desk and I rocked her with one foot as I tried to get some work done on the computer & she soon fell asleep. Hopefully I'll be able to try this again & just keep her around me office so I can get some work done while she sleeps.

One last thing, this week Madeline had her first Social Worker visit that lasted about 2.5 hours. She came while I was feeding her & she was in her jammies, then I changed her & sat her on our living room floor to play with her. Once she was comfortable she came out of her shell & started bringing toys to the Social Worker. She said she was impressed with how well she seems to be adjusting and got a kick at how good she was at feeding herself cereal with milk using her little chinese paddle without even spilling on her clothes. She'll be back in about 6 months, then once a year for the next 5 years.

Leaving you with a few pics.

Madi loves Christmas trees & decorations! This one was at Panda Express, & she was putting fortune cookies in her pockets. 

As you can see, she loved her first trip to the Hello Kitty store. She just kept putting stuff in her stroller. She was so cute! 

Is that Big Bird? 

I didn't buy her this little stroller, but maybe Santa can bring her one this Christmas!

Her first visit to Panda Express, which she loved! & she even brought her own little chopsticks! 

Loves to hang out in Daddy's office.

I love this thing! It's called a Learning Tower, got it from a friend. We are using it for chores around the house, cooking with Mami & looking outside windows. Really great & helps to give her some independence while staying close to Mami. 

All bundled up for her first stroll around our neighborhood.

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Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. Your daughter is ADORABLE, and I know that your family is incredibly blessed.