Saturday, December 1, 2012

By the 7th day....

Nihao from Guangzhou China!

I was originally hoping to post for each of our days in Nangchang, but who knew that our new life with our scared little kitten would leave absolutely no time for blogging, let alone take a shower!

In general, our first week in Nangchang was exhausting to say the least. We most likely spent some of the most difficult & challenging moments of our entire life. And perhaps one day when we return home, I will create a post dedicated to this experience that perhaps can help other couples adopting internationally for the first time.

But for now I will say that our decision to opt out from most of the typical outings that adopting families do while in Province proved to be priceless bonding moments we got to experience with our new daughter. And those moments we will cherish more than any sightseeing we would have done in China. Our daughter came to us grieving badly an although she seemed to be clinging to me like velcro, she still didn't know me. I just got lucky that she chose me for security & protection. She seemed to want nothing to do with her Papi. And it was very hurtful and trying for her daddy. But by the 7th day, she has made huge progrshetland learning that this very tall white man who has been providing all of her meals, rolling a ball to her, and showing her how to stack her little cups, is not such a scary guy after all. It was one evening in particular while sharing a Hagan Daz ice cream, that her personality suddenly began to blossom.

Here's what we've learned about our daughter in our first 7 days together so far:

The kid knows how to use chopsticks! Yes, chopsticks! She creates quite a spectacle when we're dining in public. I will share video when we get home.

She uses a fork & spoon no problem too, but we think her chopstick ability is the cutest.

Our daughter is not deaf as we had thought, she was just shutting down emotionally, with the unbelievable ability to not even flinch with loud noises.

She prefers to drink straight from a regular cup, not a sippy, & forget the bottle with formula as we were initially told she was given when we were also told she was at an orphanage.

She likes spicy food.

She lit up brightly when she saw a Santa Claus at a restaurant nearby & led me straight to him while she touched his beard and mumbled in Chinese as if she's seen him before.

She also got very giddy when the Christmas tree was lit at our hotel lobby.

She really liked the little slide and the colorful ball playground in our hotel where she was belting out our favorite giggles.

She prefers to wear her hat that she pulls down over her eyes when shes around strangers but will pull it off as soon as she's feeling comfortable.

She has still yet to let her daddy hold her ( since Gotcha), however she did reach over to give him 5 pecks on the lips as I held her. This happened after he shared his ice cream with her.

She has learned to walk over and throw things in the trash when we ask her to.

She likes to nap twice per day ( but mostly happens on my carrier or while holding her )

She evidently wasn't phased by her first plane ride as she snoozed the minute it left her province toward Guanzhou.

She loves our new hotel suite in Guangzhou as she seemed ecstatic to start off fresh in this new place. No more reminders from that last hotel where she was often freaking out at certain areas. We even had our first jump on the bed which she thought was so funny!

She has a goofy side in addition to her serious appearance she wears in public.

She knew what a toothbrush was & pointed toward paste & began brushing away.

She loves playing tickle monster with her Papi.

She loves to look at the family album we made her & stops at Tia Soni's & Tio Jovan's photo & smiles as she taps on it for some reason...really funny.

She actually learned to say the word "Daddy" today after Kris repeated it over and over, it was so funny to hear.

She is still very much baby looking and walks wobbly, but her personality just seems so much wiser.

She loves to wave "bye bye" to people, seems to relax her since she knows they will go away & not take her.

She went straight to some plastic step stools in a little store in Guangzhou as if she's seen them before & started stacking them.

That's all for now. Tomorrow is Sunday & we I'll try to go to the Guangzhou Zoo with our group. Madi seems to respond really well to animals as she smiles & babbles in Chinese when she sees fishes in windows or pets on the street.

And here are some photos finally of Saturday. Internet connection has been tricky.


She's been comfortable to walk the hallway by herself & pretents she is going "bye bye", but quickly returns when she sees a stranger.

She seemed to know exactly what this was for as she raised it to her ear & babbled, then took my cell phone to bring it to Papi. I tell ya, this kid is smart!

We are forever grateful to her foster family!

She likes to lift up her shirt for some belly tickles.
Our kid smiles!
She likes to pick her nose, so we are letting her have it it for now especially since she's now got some crusties from her cold. But at least she knows to put them on a tissue.

We can't resist this kid, she is so darn cute, and she is ours!

When "Yao Yao" fell asleep on my lap, I transferred her over to Papi's shoulder & he was so happy, even though we tricked her. She slept for about an hour & when she woke up our room she went to me but still played on the floor with him & giggled while we cleaned up our messy room.


cheryl strach said...

I am so happy for you three, and it brings so much joy to my life to see you, Kris, and Madi together.

Unknown said...

Hi honey,
We are so excited for you, we continue to pray!
Tell Kris, there will come a time when Madi will ask for her papi all the time...
We can't wait to see you guys, God bless you in this wonderful time of your life!
We love you,
Moses & Sylvia

Kathy said...

Hang in'll keep seeing progress every day! By the way, when I first got home from China, my daughter wouldn't let me take a shower without having her in my arms. Very tricky trying to shampoo my hair. I bought a small plastic laundry basket, put some toys in it, and put it in the shower. When i took a shower, i would put her in the basket with the toys, right next to me in the shower! She was happy to just be near me at that point, and this soon became our routine, and worked for both of us! Prayers for you. Kathy

K and J said...

Fantastic news Marsi. Kelly, Amy and I are really happy for the 3 of you and we hope that your stay in GZ continues to be great.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..... Ryan and I are soooooo excited for you 3. It looks like your family is complete! We are so excited to meet your little angel madi! God has truly blessed you guys. See you soon . Ryan and Lizette Terrio