Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 3 together

Here's a pic from Day 2 actually before heading out for our civil affairs stuff that ended up freaking Madi out. As you can see she was comfortable with Kris for breakfast then once we returned, it was no more eye contact, but hollering & screaming you name it each time he was nearby.

But on Tuesday China time & our 3rd day together, Madi started to show us a bit of her personality, although she still wouldn't let Kris hold her or slightly even touch her. The only interaction she wanted to have is for him to give her food, which she would point at items in our food counter or refrigerator. She loves to eat bananas, but likes to hold them slightly peeled. She also likes ritz, yogurts, eggs, congee, mandarin oranges, banana bread, noodles, Chinese stinky crackers, and sticky buns.

Unfortunately again, I do not have any photos to share as most are on the main camera & right now we are in the hotel lobby while Madi is napping on her stroller & we mostly have videos on our iPhone ( took this with our iPad). It's been hard for me to find time to update with a baby strapped on my body like a scared little kitty.

But on this day, Madi started to blossom a tiny bit. Here's some tidbits we have been finding out about her:

She has been with a foster mama & baba, elder couple with older children since the beginning who brought her to the orphanage once per month for updates.

She is a very cautious, observant little girl who gives the deepest stares, has no problem looking into our eyes.

She knows what a remote control is as she slowly pointed at it while I held her to give to her & pointed toward the tv.

She was obviously potty trained as she will raise her legs up while sitting on my lap to indicate she wants to sit on the ducky potty in our bathroom.

She was called "YaoYao"by her foster fam & that's what we've been calling out to her.

She is very cautious with strangers ( not shy, but cautious ). She will let them approach her but she will not respond facially or interact with them, just stares & studies them.

She also likes to study her "Papi" as I'm holding her to learn all about his routine. Btw, we are referring to ourselves as "Mami & Papi" because every time we say "Mama / Baba" she starts to stare out our room window in sort of a dazed transit and begins to whisper those names herself, with wheeled up eyes, most likely remembering her foster parents.So sad.

She had her first bath, although it was quick & she cried but not hollered.

She's had no interest in toys or anything we offer her, except when she started stacking empty yogurt containers on a side table while I held her & Papi was nearby to pick them up for her over and over as they fell over.....which btw made her give us her first & biggest belly giggle! I think we both cried when this happened.

She's got the cutest teeth!

She does this thing with a Cheerio which she holds between her lips and cracks a smile, so funny!

When we tell her to say "bye bye" to strangers as we see her getting nervous she waves her hand as she sort of rubs her fingers together, but she seems so relieved that "bye bye" makes them go away, very cute.

She doesn't like cameras or our video recorder.....hence why we haven't been able to take her pics hardly as she shuts down as soon as she sees either one of us reach for it.

She picked up a little fork we had by the table and started chowing down on her noodles.

She prefers to drink from a straw & does not like the bottle. Although she will let Papi hold the drink & straw while she sips away.

She let Papi brush her hair while I held her.

She's cried each time I put her down to walk ( so I've had to learn how to go potty with her over my shoulder)...very exhausting. Although later in the day I just put her down as I picked up our room as she clung tightly around my leg, but her cries slowly became whimpers.

That's all for this post. I'm starting a great "YaoYao" progress for our 4rth day together Wednesday as its 5:30pm right now. She's let out more of her personality even more, thankfully.



teri said...

velcro baby! be strong...this too shall pass. sending good energy your way!

Unknown said...

She looks super cute with her papi! Did you make her vest? I love it!