Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Red Thread Moment

Since we started on our journey, we have had our share of "red thread moments", simply known in the Chinese adoption community as moments which seem to have more than coincidental connections to our child. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that reads: "there is an invisible red thread that connects those who are destined to meet. The thread may stretch or tangle but never break. You can read about our very first and biggest "red thread moment" so far here.

But I wanted to share a cute moment we had earlier in March '08. The night before while we had our niece & nephew over, we spent the evening painting some pictures of giraffes since our nephew Anthony loved them so much in our last visit to the zoo. The very next day, while attending a local childrens store's grand opening, I had decided to enter the store's raffle and ended up being one of the last winner's of the evening. My prize? A book called "Philly Joe Giraffe's Jungle Jazz that had a picture on the cover that was very similar to the ones we had painted the night before. Hmmm. And that's not all. When one of the store's manager asked me who I was shopping for & I told her that I was waiting to adopt from China, she was curious to know if I had already picked out a name. So when I told her that we had chosen the name "Madeline", she quickly pointed to one of her assistant managers who happened to be about 8 months pregnant, and said "Oh my god, my assistant manager has also decided to name her new daughter Madeline." How sweet was that? That was just another one of those special connections in our journey that really make this wait bearable.

( the first photo by the way is from my husband Kris, #2 is mine, and #3 is from our 5 year old nephew Anthony ).

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