Monday, July 13, 2009

"S" is for Sunday....Swimming...and Sunshine!

I love Sundays! Especially when our Godkids stay over the night before and we can stay up late watching a good movie. Up until recently, we were going to the morning Sunday service, & we used to take the kids along then go to lunch or to the park, but our parish just added an evening mass, that we really seem to a time slot that we can actually be early. So this past Sunday, we had some light breakfast, had the kids help out with household chores ( which believe it or not, they love to do ), then watched them splash in our Intex pool, then sat down for our favorite tomato-egg omelettes with home potatoes and toast. I even had some time to sew up another sundress before heading out to the 5pm service. A perfect Sunday indeed!

Here are the kids getting a little sunshine.

But before going in the pool, the kids had some chores to do. Here's little Anthony doing his part....which was raking up the leaves and picking up the doogie poo. We used to have grass in this area, but it was getting way too damp in the shade, so we're planning on laying down pavers in this area instead.

Here's the part where he'll ask for help cuz this bucket can get heavy quick.

And here's Ivi also doing her part. The kids always do a great job with their chores, they rarely complain, ( although Anthony does like to ask for a lot of snacks....he'll say "Nina, can I have my break now?" funny ).

Here's their reward, some splashing around in this donut-like rubber pool. They love it.....and will do anything to splash around in it for a couple of hours. They tried to get me to go in it, but the water was still freezing, even though outdoor temperatures reached a 100ºF.

Here's the new kitten, who came to us a few weeks ago. He still doesn't have a name yet. We feed it, let it spend the night, play with it, but we haven't given it a name.....go figure! I think we're secretly thinking that if we don't name it, it's technically not our cat. ( we swore we wouldn't get another one after our last one got ill & had to put it down ). He loves to climb our trees then hangs out on the roof.

Here he is crying.....not sure if he liked his cushion.

He is a good looking little kitten though, and very lovable.

Check out his little tongue!

And here's the beagle taking in some sunshine himself. My hubby threw him in the rubber pool and he seemed to like it. He just swam in funny!

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