Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pretty in Purple!

This is a pic of my beloved niece & God-daughter Ivi. I love this kid. I know....I can't say that enough. She's everything I can ever ask for in a niece & god-child. She's sweet, lovable, kind hearted, helpful, smart, giving, gracious......and incredibly photogenic. My hubby captured this photo of her in our backyard in just a few minutes after I asked her to put on the dress I had just made for her in her favorite color: purple, then I asked my hubby to snap a few pictures. He wished it was a little sharper, but I still love it. He cleaned it up a bit & put my mklittle logo for fun. What a great memory this will be for all of us.

Here's the smocked dress again close up. I believe I bought this fabric at Joanes, nothing fancy, but it was purple -so Ivi was happy. So happy.......that she asked me if I could "possibly" make another one for her best friend. So I sewed another one for her best friend the next day. Ivi was so excited to give it to her, and thankfully her friend loved it! Their plan is to wear them on their first day of 6th grade. No name brands, just some home-made dresses by "Nina". This makes my heart smile. :)

Here she is again by the fountain......patiently waiting to hear any news about her little cousin "Madi".

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