Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Party after Cat Scratch Disease

After a week long of doctor visits trying to find out what the heck was making Kris sick (causing him some funky swelling under his arm pit area, in addition to flu-like symptoms ) he was diagnosed with "Cat Scratch Disease". Yes, you read right. There is indeed such a thing. The swelling was actually his lymph nodes, and the flu-like symptoms were due to the infection his body was fighting after he got a small scratch on his finger by our visiting kitten about a month ago. The first PA who saw him didn't think there was a correlation with his swollen finger & the rest of his symptoms, but the second PA who saw him on a returning visit knew right away what it was as she had experience treating this type of infection. She told us to google it once we got home, so we did & were shocked to hear about such a thing. So anyways, he's taking some anti-biotics to treat it and is expected to be on the road to recovery soon. As for the new kitten....we understand that a person can actually get it from any cat not just one particular cat, so we've decided to keep him around as an outdoor kitten only. He loves climbing our trees and sleeps on our roof anyways, then comes down for food and plays in the back yard.

So after that ordeal, by the end of the week we were ready to celebrate Kris's bday with a small group of friends & family at our fave place Pacific Sticks, in Downtown Riverside, on Sunday the 23rd. It was actually a surprise gathering for Kris as he knew nothing about it except that we were going to have dinner with another couple. I literally had about 1 day to plan, calling just a few close friends & family to meet us there, picking up a bday cake just a half hour before & rushing there with a friend to lay down some table cloths & ordering food for about 20 of us. ( I had to come up with a story about an hour before saying I had to leave to pick up our niece who was in the area, so I just asked him to meet me there later ).Our friend Joel who owns a flowershop downtown was also kind enough to make us some center pieces which I had picked up the night before. Kris was totally surprised to see all of us there! It was a great evening of good food, friends, and an overall good time.

Here's the ( Thank You ) card we put together to mail out to our guests. Our good friend Ryan who's a photographer, borrowed our camera to take this group shot and then Kris did his magic to include him in the shot. ( I just noticed though, that my sis-n-law in blue & black has a funky looking right foot....oops! ).

Here's the "Before" shot, pre- Ryan.

And here's Ryan posing on his own, ready to be photo-shopped.

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